City Circus Hostel


Bedspot Hostel


Nepolitan Trips Hostel & Bar


Alessandro Palace Hostel & Bar

(‘The Yellow’ Hostel is great too albeit more expensive. Their parties are the talk of Rome. You could also stay at Alessandro- it is 20 steps from Yellow and pay a cover to enter the parties thrown by Yellow)-


Plus Florence




Hotel Ozz by Happy culture (not the best staff)


Porto Lounge Hostel & Guesthouse


Home Lisbon (The BEST hostel I stayed at- Don’t miss the Mama’s dinner)


For You Hostel


Via Amsterdam

People skills come naurally to some while for some others, there is a learning curve here. People skills are skills and hence very much learnable.

The minute we see ‘social skill’ as something that is not naturally inherent in someone but something that can be acquired and developed for particular situations (introverts make for great stage speakers/presenters), we are approaching this more scientifically and less emotionally.

Susan Cain, in her book Quiet, describes presentation, expression and social small talk as skills that can be learnt.

It is true that natural extroverts have it easy in this space but that is not to say that these skills are supposed to be inherently present in each of us us for us to be a particular way.

Like most things, social skills can be learnt and practised over time. That is oddly comforting.

A key learning that I took away from Jim Collins’ ‘Good to Great’ is what he calls the Hedgehog concept.

While introducing the concept, Jim discusses the difference between a fox and a hedgehog in the context of their behaviour in the wild. …

Ashwin Chhabria

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